I have been wanting to put together my thoughts on the creativity of transcreation in some form for a long time. 

But every time when I pick up the draft, part of the content tends to be outdated.

Scary, isn’t it?

It is. But this is the nature of the business. 

Over the years I have worked with colleagues who find it nerve wrecking when it comes to creating and adapting global campaigns. I have spoken to clients of all kinds on what is the appropriate process in order to make this happen. But when the landscape shifted, the approach changed. 

One thing remains constant, and in fact getting more evident. We are now dealing with content that speaks to each other, often involving people from multiple markets at the same time. And because of this, the number of issues that one has to think about can easily be multiplied.

Then there are the many definitions of the jargons and terms that we use in the industry. They are being interpreted differently depending on whether you are working within a creative agency, production agency, implementation agency, content marketing agency, in-house agency, or a translation agency. 

And I have worked in all of the above settings.

But my definition of transcreation has always been the same. It’s the process of creating cohesive content for a global brand across multiple touchpoints for each local market. 

Explore. Discuss. Repeat.

I started this space to capture some of the key thinking I have around this discipline over the years. From some bite-size thoughts around global creativity and transcreation, to some practical advices. 

They started as notes I have kept for myself in my black notebooks. Now my aim is to keep updating these and open up further discussions.

So, drop me a line and share with me your own thoughts, and some of the unique challenges of the global projects you have worked on. Don’t let any of your thinking gather dust. 

Let’s start here.

Louie Chow